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Quote Replybullet Topic: Teamspeak - Rules and info
    Posted: July 13 2008 at 2:43am
TeamSpeak Server Address:
TeamSpeak Connection Instructions -

*O.B.C* TeamSpeak Server Rules:
     I.      Respect all other players. (Failure to follow this rule will get you kicked from TS)
     II.     Take the time to tweak your TS settings appropriately, the last thing any one else in the room wants is to hear your death metal music or your significant other nagging you about your honey-dos.
     III.    Have fun. Get to know your fellow gamers, heck you may even make new friends.

*O.B.C* TeamSpeak Server Guidelines:
     I.      Do not assume someone else is going to get your joke, if you do not know the party you are talking to use a little discretion and get to know them before you start kidding around or joking about their Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion, Family, Sexual Orientation or favorite Soft Drink.
     II.     Do not be offended if players are in Password Protected rooms, whoever is in there is probably not trying to hide from you. There are any number of reasons why a player or players choose to go into one of the password protected rooms, get over it.
     III.    If you are playing WoW or some other game, do not clutter up a room such as the SOF2 lounge or the TF2 channel. Go to the Other Games channel and chat away all night. Believe me the last thing you want to hear as you are smiting some evil dwarf lord with your +9 magical walking stick is some yahoo bragging about how he just took off the red flag carriers head with a pistol shot from 500 yards.


*O.B.C* TeamSpeak Server Administrative Options:

     I.      Repeated violations of Rule I, can and will get you kicked or even banned from the TS server.
     II.     Improper behavior in TS may get you kicked or banned from one of the *O.B.C* game servers as well, therefore it is in your best interest to abide by rule I.

*O.B.C* TeamSpeak Server Hints:

     I.      Talking with others on TS is an excellent way of letting your true personality and demeanor be known to *O.B.C* and is an effective way of speeding up any possible invitations to join *O.B.C*
     II.     If you are on TS and there is something going on that requires the attention of a TS admin, but he or she is in a password protected room and you cant get in to talk to them, right click on their name and send them a private message. As soon as the Admin sees your message, appropriate action will ensue.
     III.    What do the little letters after a name in TS mean?
      R = Registered User (Its free and easy why not register?)
      SA = Super Admin Note the BOLD lettering
      SA = Server Admin
      CA = Channel Admin
      AO = Auto-Operator
      AV = Auto Voice
      O = Operator
      V = Voice
      U = Unregistered
     IV.      What do the little letters after the channel name mean?
      P=Password Protected
TeamSpeak Connection Instructions -

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