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bullet Topic: FAQ’S
    Posted: February 06 2005 at 6:29pm

FAQ's-frequently asked questions

Your Guide to the *O.B.C* Forum

About us

Q:What does *O.B.C* stand for?

A:Old Boys Club


Q:What is the difference between *O.B.C* and *O.B.C.J*

A:*O.B.C* are teammates 30 years of age and older
*O.B.C.J* are teammates under 30 years of age


Q:What do I need to join *O.B.C*?

A:We do not recruit like clans do. Our team uses an Invitation Only Exclusive Membership voting process. When we take on new members, a vote is held by the team, and a decision is made prior to the invitation. We generally have discussions regarding potential players, and we do keep an active list of players who we would like to see added to the team one day. There is nothing you can do, except play the game fairly, no cheating, stay active on the forum and the servers regularly, and get to know us. We know each other like a family, and try to maintain a close knit relationship with each other.


Server Questions:

Q:I was told I was violating the server rules, but I dont even know what they are. Where can I find a list of the server rules?

A:You can find the server rules here, and a different set of the forum rules here. Please make yourself familiar with both sets of TOS. If you are found in violation of either set of rules, you could lose your server and forum access permanently.


Q:I want to rent a gaming server, who do you go through?

A: We host our own games on our own server located in a St. Louis, MO datacenter. There are many places to rent a gaming server from but we cannot make a recommendation.


Q:How do I get to the servers, I do not see them on the Internet List of SOFII and I do not which servers are yours?

A:Wasteland and Wasteland Overkill should be on your list of all servers, and in your favorites of course. Be sure to choose show ALL game types.
If you still don't see it, go to favorites and click add favorite, a window will open up and put the ip address of the server in there and click ok it should now show in yourlist of favs.
Wasteland     Wasteland Overkill


Q:I just upgraded to Gold Edition, why can't I see the Wastelands on my favorites anymore?

A:We currently are using Version 1 of SOFII for both of the servers.  To run Gold edition and Version 1 of SOFII, you must have 2 seperate copies of the program installed on your computer, in seperate folders. One that will remain Version 1 and the other than you can upgrade to Gold.  If you only have the Gold version of SOF2 then read this guide to help you convert a copy to version 1.


Q:What is a mod? And where can I get it?

A:A mod is pk3 file, that is part of your game that controls the look, feel, and sounds of your SOF2 game. *O.B.C.*Vindictive creates and updates our mods to give the servers a little personalization. It has different ingame sounds, graphics, load up screens, weapon configurations and skins. The most recent mod is always available at our download center.  Your are not required to use our mod to enter our servers, but we have made it available to the public to enhance your gaming experience.


Q:How can I go back to my Windows desktop without exiting SOF?

A:A desktop gaming minimizer is available for your use at our download center.


Forum Help:

Q:When I created my account, I messed up my name, I now want my name to match my ingame name, can I create a new forum account?

A:No, you can only have one forum account, but you are allowed to make a new one then have an admin delete the old one. You may be able to have the name on your account changed as well. You need to private message the Tech Admin for assistance. It will be verified that you are the actual owner of that account before it gets changed or deleted.


Q:What happened to the post about (thread name here)??

A:To maintain the forums, on occasion, topics will be deleted and/or consolidated into our new FAQ's list. We are going to maintain this list in an effort to keep the forums organized and running efficiently. If you find yourself looking for a particular thread, it might have been added here, please use the search function and check the FAQ's list first, before re-creating a new thread regarding an old topic first.


Miscellaneous help:

Q:What is teamspeak and where do I get it?

A:Teamspeak allows players to talk to each other using a microphone and speakers/headphones. For best results a stereo headset with built in microphone is suggested.  Visit our links page for more information regarding TeamSpeak


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